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Things to do

Sports with family

Things to do

Live concerts

Things to do

Summer recreation

Supplying the oil that keeps the world’s economy ticking requires a lot of human energy.  To balance off busy work schedules and daily commutes, the opportunity to enjoy downtime with family and friends is a top priority for Wood Buffalo residents and visitors alike.

Be it summer or winter, there’s no shortage of things to do in our young and growing community.  Sports and recreation, performing arts, festivals, concerts, family events, community galas and multicultural celebrations make Wood Buffalo a difficult place to “just stay home"!

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Music, Arts & Culture

Culture is an integral part of any community, and Wood Buffalo's expanding cultural facilities prove how important it is to have support for the arts. From theatres to festivals to artist exhibitions, our creative residents now have many ways to showcase their wonderful talents.  Learn more about our community's thriving arts, music and culture scene.

Sports & Recreation

After a hard day's work, you need something to help you unwind. Wood Buffalo offers many sports and recreational facilities where you can stay fit, have fun, and try something new. Whether your passtime is skiing, golf, or dance, there is a course or team waiting for you to join.  Learn more about our many recreational programs and new facilities.

Best of Wood Buffalo

It’s about showing visitors what we’re all about. It’s about connecting to your community… and having your say. It’s about getting out there and experiencing new things.It’s about recognizing the Best of Wood Buffalo.


New to town and want to find a local grocery store?  Need to put an ad in the local paper but aren't quite sure where to go?  Search our directory to find addresses, phone numbers and websites for important locations, people and resources right here in Wood Buffalo.