Turning Point

Many people come to Fort McMurray with a five-year plan to find financial success and then return “home”.  But what happens when you meet the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with - that missing link you never knew you needed?

When you fall in love your priorities change, as does your definition of success. Suddenly, the place you thought was temporary becomes the home you always wanted.

Turning Point tells the stories of twelve people who moved to Fort McMurray with a short-term plan, that is, until they found love and decided to stay!

Featured Videos:

Todd and Shauna

Todd and Shauna first met in Nova Scotia, but both were with other people. Years later, Todd asked a newly-single Shauna to move with him to Fort McMurray, and they finally had their chance to be together. Now when they drive up Highway 63, they know that Fort McMurray is home.

Cindy and Matthew

Cindy Critch may not have liked the seafood on her first date with Matthew, but they hit it off anyway, and now have been married for 31 years. They both had short-term plans in Fort McMurray, but were lucky enough to find each other and create the life they always wanted.

Wayne and Sarah

Sarah knew the moment she stepped off the tarmac in Fort McMurray that she was home. Wayne had the two-year plan, but the opportunities and lifestyle in Fort McMurray convinced him to stay longer. Meeting each other and falling in love sealed the deal, and they have never looked back.

Cheryl and Barry

A whirlwind romance leads to much more! Barry met Cheryl while vacationing in Ontario, but thought it was over when he moved to Fort McMurray. To his surprise, Cheryl found him again when she got a job in Fort McKay. Days later, they were engaged and have lived here now for over thirty years.

Melanie and Brian

Brian and Melanie came to Fort McMurray in the early 1990's, without any plans as to how long they would stay. When they were introduced to each other at a mutual friend's party, however, they found someone to make plans for. Brian and Melanie have now called Wood Buffalo home for twenty years.

Gilles and Mucharata

When Gilles Champagne moved to Fort McMurray to work in the oilsands, he wasn't looking to stay here for more than a year, let alone fall in love. But that's what happened when he met Michelle David, a new fellow employee. Three years later, they own a house and call Fort McMurray home.