Faces of Fort McMurray

There is so much more to Fort McMurray than many people think. That is why Faces of Fort McMurray was created - to spotlight the people who call this place home.

Twenty-one residents share twenty-one stories of how fulfilling life can be in Fort McMurray.  Some of them were born here, others travelled from distant provinces and countries in search of better opportunities. One thing they all share in common is their desire to make the most of their lives here and to inspire others to discover a Fort McMurray they never knew.


Kyla Getty

McMurray Girl began as ink on paper, but it's grown into Fort McMurray's premier quarterly magazine for women. Kyla Getty proves that Fort McMurray is not just a man's town – it is filled with ambitious and passionate women who want the best lives for themselves and their families.

Juan Rippe

In a growing community like Fort McMurray, Juan Rippe has found a busy and rewarding career as a cook at the Sawridge Inn. He immigrated from Columbia to Ontario, and came here for a vacation to see his parents who worked for Syncrude. As you can see, he never left.

Ronil Patel

Our youngest participant on Faces of Fort McMurray, Ronil is a grade 7 student and an up-and-coming local artist. He paints, sketches and plays the piano, and he draws inspiration from his native India as well as the works of other local artists. His work is displayed at MacDonald Island.

Lori Cyprien

Lori Cyprien grew up in Fort Chipewyan, so she knows it's important for the oilsands companies to reclaim the land they mine. As an environmental scientist for Syncrude, Lori is making that happen. Lori analyzes the waters and soils in reclaimed lands, and coordinates visits from researchers and environmental students.

Joe Lafond

Joe Lafond is a farmer and a rancher who raises horses in Fort McMurray. He moved here from Saskatchewan 32 years ago to work for Syncrude, and he has never looked back. Fort McMurray has offered him the life he left behind in Saskatchewan, including organizing an annual rodeo.

Jennifer King

Jennifer King could live anywhere in the world, but she chooses to live in Fort McMurray, the place where she grew up. As a maternity ward nurse, Jennifer sees how many people are starting families here in Wood Buffalo, and helps to bring 100 babies into the world each month.