Fact & Stats

The details behind the story

We’re the talk of Canada, and beyond.  Wherever you go, you will find people and hear stories that have a lot to say about Wood Buffalo and our largest community, Fort McMurray.  In some cases the stories reveal more about the people who tell them than they do about the place we call home.

Get to know Alberta’s third largest community by discovering the facts and statistics that make this region one of the most promising in Canada.  Better yet, come visit us and see for yourself what we are doing to make Wood Buffalo a healthy, diverse and sustainable community, a place all Canadians would be proud to call home.

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Economic Data

You’ve read the headlines and heard the stories – Fort McMurray and the Wood Buffalo region are emerging as a key centre of business and investment activity for the Canadian and global economies.  Discover some of the figures and statistics behind this significant and growing trend.

Oil Sands Facts

With opportunity comes attention.  Over the past 15 years, Alberta’s oilsand projects have gone from being a relatively unheard of resource to a global phenomenon generating discussion and debate.  Uncover the facts behind the projects that have made the oilsands what they are today.